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15 GREAT REASONS TO BE A GUEST on The Suffolk Pod Show in 2021!

The Suffolk Pod Show is a regular podcast series which promotes, celebrates and supports all that is great about Suffolk. Interesting and inspiring, as well as informative, entertaining and educational, the Suffolk Pod Show episodes feature well-known personalities, business leaders, entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, well-being experts and creatives.

The UK podcast audience is set to double again in 2021 – to an estimated 30 million people, and it’s no surprise why - when you consider the direct impact on the listener, the deep connection they feel with their favourite podcasts, as well as being such a flexible and accessible medium. For the latest stats and more information on the benefits of appearing on our show, or running your own podcast, take a look here.

September 2020 saw the birth of The Suffolk Pod Show – and now with more then 2000 downloads in just 3 months and a digital reach of more than 33,000 engagements - we are pleased to announce we have just launched on Apple Podcasts, as well as previously being available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora, TuneIn+Alexa, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Stitcher, Deezer and Podcast Index. It’s totally free to listen to The Suffolk Pod Show – and if you don’t subscribe to any of these podcast directories you can listen right here on our website.

So apart from the incredible benefits of being a guest on The Suffolk Pod Show – we’d love you to have a quick read of what 15 of our wonderful 2020 guests have to say about their experiences with us!

“Thanks for having me on the Suffolk Pod Show - it was a lovely, relaxed conversation and great to be able to let people know about our rock n roll panto offer, blending live experience and live streaming!”

Pete Rowe, Artistic Director, New Wolsey Theatre

“Both Susanna and Marc were very professional and made it very easy to ‘talk’ and helped with getting the right message across. The communication was excellent, and what they said they would do, and in what timescales, was spot on.”

David Sandpearl, Events Manager - Stonham Barns Park.

“It was great to be on the Suffolk Pod Show, what a brilliant job you are doing supporting local businesses like mine. I've enjoyed listening to all the episodes!”

Vicki Harris, Owner - From Suffolk With Love

"What a fantastic show to be involved with! Being interviewed for the Suffolk Pod Show was our first ever podcast and what fun it was! It's wonderful to be part of a show that supports and promotes local Suffolk businesses and personalities.

Zanna and Marc made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and I felt as if we already knew each other when we chatted about how Mr Windmill and I came to restore The Windmill Suffolk from a derelict shell a few years ago.

It's great to feel part of the community of people in the county and the feedback we had from people after hearing the podcast has been really positive.

We even received a booking for The Windmill from someone who found out about us after listening to The Suffolk Pod Show and booked a stay with us!

I'm looking forward to finding out more about the great Suffolk businesses in future episodes so that we can continue to support other local people and independent enterprises in 2021!"

Natalie Roberts, The Windmill, Suffolk

“SUP den would highly recommend the Suffolk Pod show, we had an amazing experience being a part of the Christmas ‘buy local’ Episode 2. Fantastic way to reach out to the local community and hear everyone's stories and journeys.

A fun and entertaining experience would love to do again! Thanks to everyone involved.“

Jen, SUP den

“It was great to be invited to take let in this series of podcasts. This is a crowded area and many of us may well have heard a podcast that does not quite reach the parts that others do but this was not just professionally handled, the team exude a warmth and natural conversation style that make the listen worthwhile and rewarding.

Some great listens here, and I thoroughly enjoyed being the person receiving the questions.”

Nic Pandolfi, Radio Presenter

“Inspiration, Education, Contemplation, Realisation, - The Suffolk Pod Show gives it All !!!

Alex Till, CEO of MENTA and the National Enterprise Network

“Well, what a lovely experience I just had on the Suffolk Pod Show! It's not often I get the chance to talk about my business to people who are actually interested in what I'm doing! I've done interviews before where questions are just asked and nothing is actually followed up, so the interview can feel quite cold and uninteresting.

However, with the Susanna and Marc from the Suffolk Pod Show, it was far from this. My interview was more like a chat with friends about my business, so it was a joy to talk, and talk and talk! As a result, discussions about my business developed through conversation and in turn developed into a fascinating talk about my industry and my county. Just like that! It made a huge difference because they were actually interested and wanted to engage in the interview. So, my experience on the Suffolk Pod Show was a thoroughly enjoyable one.

So, if the thought of doing interviews and being recorded puts you off, I can assure you within minutes you'll have completely forgotten! Susanna and Marc will do all the magic and by the end you'll have spread the word about your business and our county which is full of so many clever and inspiring people. Wonderful. Thanks you two.”

Stuart Race, Owner of The Woolpatch

“What a lovely experience to be invited onto the Pod Show. I think a lot of people feel out of their comfort zone talking about themselves, so it was super helpful to have a helpful structure sheet emailed over to prepare. I had a lovely warm and natural welcome on the telephone and my ‘interview’ felt like a friendly chat about our bee business to interested people. I really loved it. Thank you.

Julie Thorn, Busy Bee Cosmetics

"Thanks so much to The Suffolk Pod Show for having me as a guest. It was a really great chat and the feedback from my customers was really positive. I can't wait until the next time.

John Manning, The House in Town

"The Suffolk Pod Show is a fantastic opportunity for guests to chat in such a friendly, informal but professional forum!

Well done you guys for producing the Pod Show....I think it’s great & have listened to many episodes!"

Heidi Franklin, Wild Play Ltd

“I loved the relaxed feel to the Suffolk Pod show, it felt like I was having a natter to a friend. The response has been so positive, such a great opportunity to talk about the layers of my business...thank you!“

Lienne Birch, Posy Lavenham

“Considering how nervous I was, I found the team from Suffolk Podcast to be both professional and friendly, putting me at my ease immediately.

The podcast itself is a fantastic idea to help all of the wonderful small businesses we have tucked away in Suffolk.”

Jay McWilliams, Hedgehog Plants

“As a small independent business on the high street, it was so nice to be included in your celebration of local businesses in the run up to Christmas. Regardless of the difficulties we all faced, we had an incredible response from our customers who wanted to support local & independent and it was undoubtedly one of our busiest years to date.

We cannot thank you enough for helping to champion local businesses.”

Terri Edwards, The Flower Hut Florist

“Thanks to The Suffolk Pod Show I had the opportunity to talk about my business, the growth and plans for the festive period.

At a time that has been so incredibly hard for businesses across the country it was such a wonderful chance for me to speak in my own words about my products. Susanna and Marc made me feel at ease with their friendly, yet professional approach, and I was able to talk naturally without any worry.

Would highly recommend anyone grabbing this chance with both hands! Don't be nervous, I was, and all my worries were laid to bed within one minute with these guys!”

Claire Potter, Rising High Balloons

Thank you to all of our guests on The Suffolk Pod Show! We look forward to working with all of you again.

If you'd like to book an episode on The Suffolk Pod Show, or take part in one of our multi-guest episodes - please just get in touch!

Call Susanna: 07465 942580

Call Marc: 07909 174289

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