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The Christmas Suffolk Pod Show Podcast - Meet all the guests from Part 4!

Special Guests include Little White Box, Thurston Butchers, Posy, Busy Bees Cosmetics and Rising High Balloons

Listen in to our guests right HERE

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Special Guests include Little White Box, Thurston Butchers, Posy, Busy Bees Cosmetics and Rising High Balloons

Rebecca is an award-wining interior designer and owns Little White Box – a stunning home shop in Lavenham. Rebecca talks about some of the amazing work she has done around the world as well as her beautiful in-store collections including her Nordic Christmas decor. For more information

Alistair Angus is the owner of the traditional, but very different, Thurston Butchers. Alistair has a real flair for good business and sells only the best quality high-welfare local produce. He, along with his young team, have developed an ever-evolving, creative and friendly shop experience for clients old and new. For more information

Next it’s Lienne, owner of Posy, a gift store and studio in Lavenham. Lienne is an established artist and is well known for her wildlife canvasses as well as her watercolour and ink sketches and paintings. Posy is a beautiful shop full of Christmas décor, original gifts and of course - Lienne’s art on postcards and prints. For more information

Julie is the founder of Busy Bees Cosmetics and she tells us about her innovative and natural products which are all made from Bees Wax from her husbands Apiaries around Suffolk. Apart from selling some of the finest honey in the county, Julie tells us about her Christmas gift-boxes made up of beeswax goods. For more information

Last up it’s Claire Potter, Founder of Rising High Balloons. Claire has balloons for every day of the week and every event of the year. From vast event or store installations to a perfect personalised single balloon – Claire is wrapping up Christmas and welcoming in the New Year for us all with quite a bang! For more information

Thanks for joining us on The Christmas Suffolk Pod Show we hope you’ve enjoyed listening – and don’t forget to look out for all our Christmas podcasts!

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