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1. Engage deeply with your existing customers

Podcasts are a highly effective medium for making a deep and long-term relationship with your customers. Delivering your message in a personal one-to-one manner is powerful and resonating. People make time to listen to podcast episodes, as opposed to reading endless online blogs and articles which they tend to read quickly (in two or three minutes) and very rarely in full. Giving your company a real voice creates a strong connectivity with customers, especially as 80% of those listening will listen to a full episode, and a full episode can be from 20 minutes to an hour long. That’s a great deal of invested time from your customers.

2. Reach new potential customers

Podcast listeners are a breed of very well-informed people who have a continual thirst for knowledge and inspirational entertainment. A company podcast series can reach new customers who might be unaware of your company but interested in the theme or specific content of your podcast.

3. Turn your customers into brand advocates

As we mentioned before connecting with your customers at a deeper level brings a great sense of loyalty, but also familiarity and trust. Your podcast listeners are very likely to talk about you, and your brand, to others, partly because they’ve invested so much time in listening to you, but also because they feel attached to you, part of your story and your success. Podcast listeners are usually highly educated, and in turn very likely to discuss the subject of their new knowledge with others.

4. Increase your website traffic and SEO ranking

Firstly, streaming your company podcast directly from your website will bring many more visitors, which will increase the average time spent on your site. Each episode should be supported with show notes and a published transcription of the entire show allowing your site to be indexed by search engines and, in turn, climb up the Google ranking. Secondly, if your listeners have accessed your podcast through a podcast directory – they are very likely to engage with your brand and visit your site through the directory link, or through their own organic search.

5. Your potential customer base is booming!

Official statistics just released by Offcom and Deezer reveal that podcast listeners in the UK have grown by 116% from July 2019 to July 2020, and that currently 15% of the UK population listen to podcasts regularly (5-7 episodes per week). That’s around 7.1 million regular listeners.

If you can think of a subject – there’s usually a podcast to go with it – so no matter what type of business or organisation you run – a podcast series can reach a very exciting, active and engaging audience, as well as be an extremely valuable addition to your marketing strategy.

Last, but definitely not least, podcasts are relatively inexpensive in comparison to traditional advertising and marketing costs, so when you compare spend on return – podcasts can be highly favourable.

We ( are a small professional team based in East Anglia with local and international clients. We offer every service you can think of to do with podcasting; from concept and creation to production and marketing.

Call us or write to us – we’d be delighted to help you, discuss your ideas and options, and potentially be part of your successful podcast journey.

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